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This is a true story of the remarkable adventures of an American family who pioneered in Alaska. Like a latter day Swiss family Robinson, the Short family cast their fortunes ashore on a lonely Alaskan Island just after World War II.


THIS RAW LAND is a sequel to Wayne Short's THE CHEECHAKOES, and tells the adventurous story of what happened when the author brought his new bride north to Alaska to share his isolated life.

"This is a land of strange contrasts. It can be lonely, as a loon's demented laugh floats across an isolated bay; sometimes it is breath-takingly beautiful; and it can be a violent land, too, just waiting to catch you at a weak moment and kill you."

"Into this raw land I brought my young wife--and this is the story of the life we made there."

From: This Raw Land


In this book Alaskan author, Wayne Short, tells the remarkable true stories of the characters he knew in Alaska during more than forty years of commercial fishing. It is filled with stories of courage, humor, and violent death, and with Quirky characters of people named: Billy, the Skypilot, Peg Leg Chris, Dangerous Dan Willis, Horrible Homer, the Sea Hog, and Jo-Jo, the Cash Register--among others.


Here is what the reviewers said about Wayne Short's Alaskan Books:

 On The Cheechakoes:

"How refreshing it is in this age of the soft American, the Organizational Man in his asphalt jungle of conformity to see that the pioneer spirit still survives, that a man by his own efforts can thrive in the wilderness and hold the basic necessities of life in his hands knowing that he is equal to the challenge before him. This is the heritage of our forefathers, and this is what makes "The Cheechakoes," such interesting reading."

Marylin Leathers
The Arizona Republic

This Raw Land

"Wayne Short is an Alaskan commercial fisherman and also a writer and story teller of great talent, as proved by his first book, "The Cheechakoes," and demonstrated again in "This Raw Land," originally published by Random House.

Short, who skippers a commercial boat during the fishing season and writes when the snow closes in on the mountains tells a fascinating tale of a life little known in metropolitan Anchorage.

The book is quick reading from start to finish, an evening haunted by the lonely cry of a loon, of humor and danger in an isolated life that is part of the Alaskan heritage.

William J. Tobin
Anchorage Daily Times

Albie, and Billy, the Sky-Pilot, and Other Stories

"Wayne Short, the man that gave us those great books,"This Raw Land" and "The Cheechakoes," is back with a collection of twenty-one true stories. These stories are about local characters that lived around these parts thirty and forty years ago.

Once you've started this book - it is a hard one to put down."

Bob DeArmond
Sitka Daily Sentinel

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